Monday, June 4, 2012

Stuff Eldon says...

Okay so you may have noticed my lack of blogging....or maybe not, but no excuse. Life has just been busy. I was called as the 2nd counselor for the womens group in our church. It is called the Relief Society for those of you who arent familiar. That keeps we walking but adding that with my almost 3 year old and my little one year old almost walker... and I am running around ALL the time. For now I just wanted to post real quick before I forget, them I will try and backtrack the last few months.

Yesterday we got home from church and I asked Eldon, " What did you do and learn in nursery?"
Eldon: "I got injury"
Me: "injury... did someone hurt you babe?"
Eldon: " no momma, I got lots of enjuries"
Me:  " Eldon do you me energy, do you have lots of energy"
Eldon: " Uh-huh i have way much engery"

Hahaha, If you have met eldon, you know just how much "engeries" my son actually has! Luckily we have avoided injuries other than a bruise or a scrape, know on wood! So I'm sure they taught a lesson, had a snack, played with friends, but the one thing El picks up is he has lots of energy. (which is true)
Reminds me I need to watch my quick comments because he picks up on the little comments

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mommy falls down

So in our city there is a park, and in the park their is a playground, and in the playground there is slide, a slide that me and Mark take turns laughing at each other as we slide down it.  This slide as you can see, has a drop off. whats worse is when you come out of the slide you cant bend your knees and sit up. So as you can see from this picture it is meas I come out the slid, mark snapped this photo without me knowing and I found it a few days ago. The other day I went to the park with the kids by myself and Eldon made me go down. When I am am laughing struggling to get to my feet, I here Eldon talking to some little boy, "My mommy falls down!" he is laughing and being so silly. So I say if I have to fall down every day for the rest of my life I will. Just to hear Eldon's sweet little belly laugh that reminds me so much of when he was little and I use to tickle him. So my advice to any and all moms out there is : Fall down, and fall down a lot, because you never know when your kids are watching. Don't take life to seriously because really how funny is it to watch mommy slip just like you!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

long time coming...

When I sat down to finally post something new, which I realize I haven't done for quite some time I found a few un-finished post. I really haven't had much to say and if I am being completely honest, which this is my journal in a sense so I will be; Life has been, for lack of a more eloquent word, HARD! Live lately has been tough and demanding. In the last few months our family has been thrown many curves and a few have hit us pretty hard. But now is not the time to post on that. Now I wanted to shoot our a few of my un-published post. Here are a few pictures that were taken when my mom visited us way back in february I believe it was.

Eldon loved walking in Nanna's boots

Mom showed eldon how to feed gracie!
nanna to us to the children's Museum
Eldon called himseld Monkey George
Gracie was verrry tired while we were at the museum

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 8

Day # 8 of Things I Love

I LOVE a CLEAN bathroom

These days we seem to have a clean potty, but after Eldon gets in for a bath the carpets are soaked, wrappers are pealed off of toys, TP ends up in the tub, or unrolled all over the floor. And may I add to that Eldon is potty training, and it getting good about going by himself, so I say to people Eldon doesn't go in his pants anymore, but he does go in the bathroom, yes it may be the floor beside the toilet, the wall, or the seat, sometimes the inside of the toilet if its a good day. Ha ha he refuses to sit down, he saw his daddy stand up and now he insist on going pee the same way! ha ha I just laugh it off and clean it later when I get a chance. And every night I (usually) go in every night and throw the rug in the wash and clean up the messes. So this is what our bathroom looks like from around 10pm til when El wakes up. I love to walk in to a clean clutter free and dry bathroom!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 7

Day #7 of Things I Love

Okay so I swear I will start putting up more variety, but seriously my 2 kids are my life; they are my happy, healthy, energetic, of the wall, silly, sometimes grumpy little buddies. Some days are harder than most, but if I look for that one special moment each day, I can see my day as a success. So today what do I love?

I love Sweet Innocent EYES!

Eldon turns to me right before bedtime/snuggle time, and while nodding his head exclaims, " go get Eldon miwk (milk) pweeze (please) momma, I need it huwwy (hurry) go get me some now!"

Haha I turn and look and see this little face staring back at me! haha how am I suppose to tell this guy no. He did say please, and he asked in a very sweet voice, so I grabbed my camera asked him what he wanted one more time, and snapped a picture at the end. Then I went off to fetch him some milk, as demanded. Seriously Eldon is my kryptonite! I admit it i am whipped by a 2 year old, and he rules the roost! I love those perfect oval shaped eyes!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 6

Day # 6 of Things I Love

I love Sleeping Babies

As much as I love my kids when they are awake, there is a different type of feeling when they finally give up and surrender to sleep. I think I would equate the feeling to winning the super bowl for a NFL player. That moment when you look down, and their sweet little eyes begin to drop, I get this amazing euphoric feeling. If your not a mom it's hard to explain, or maybe everyone feels the same, I know growing up I was always proud of myself when I would put a baby to sleep in my arm, but it feels 100 times better when I get my own kids asleep. It is just amazing to hold your sleeping child in your arms. I tell Mark all the time I can't stop giving them kisses and hugs when they are finally asleep, and how hard it is to lay them down, I just want to squeeze them so tight and never let go!
As many of you know, to the few who read my blog, I have "issues" putting my kids down. And I prefer rocking them to bed verses laying them in bed to fall asleep on there own. I feel like I miss out on my favorite thing if I do. Eldon won't fall asleep in my arms anymore, but I have got him back to ""nuggling" (snuggling) as he calls it on the couch under a blanket to keep warm, and he makes me hold his hand! So today I love my sleeping snuggly squeezable kissable loveable babies!

Gracie is 8 Months

"Hi I'm 8 months old"

I'm a bit late in posting, but this little bean is 8 months old now. She is "all girl" as Mark would say. Se is our happy little baby still, and is getting a bit more sleep now that she is eating more food, and nursing about the same, every 3 hours. She is so much different than Eldon. It's like night and day. It's like the rulebook that I wrote for Eldon and how to make him happy has to be thrown out, because she is her own little person and she wants things a certain way. As long as me and Mark follow along she is picture perfect as you can see from the photo above. She said mama for her first word this past month, and now says it when she is upset mostly, but she says dada all day long!
My mom gave me this quote about one of her seminary student, and I think it totally applies to Gracie, "She is no sheep!" Roughly translated to mean she does not follow other, she blazes her own path, which is so true, she makes her own rule. We finally got her to drink from a bottle, but she will only drink from it if there is juice in the cup! haha she is so funny, all this time with us trying to feed her, and all she was trying to tell us was that she wanted SUGAR!!!
Little girl is finally starting to fill out, and get a bit of chunk, but she keeps getting longer at the same time, so her baby rolls are few and far between. She can sit up on her own for about a minute or so, longer if she is leaning against the corner of her pack and play. And she finally is crawling, she does a great "army scoot and crawl" as I like to call it. And she has her own theme music to go along with her crawl. She will scream every time she pulls herself forward, and the more she does it the louder she gets! . And She loves her momma almost beyond the point of obsession. Every time Mark brings her to me, she just lights up. She doesn't have a lot of stranger fear, she lets people hold her, but I just love how much she lights up when she spots me in a crowd! Being a mom to Gracie and Eldon is what I was born to do! Gracie is our little doll, and we love her so much. She is for sure the happiest little girl around. Happy 8 months Gracie!